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About Me

My name is Kristina Ann Albert. I am a purpose driven, certified executive coach and international leadership advisor with a true passion for enhancing the performance of individual executives, teams and organizations. I have worked as an HR professional in multinational organizations in Germany and Switzerland and have a proven track record of delivering high performance in global environments and contributing to people and business development with a personable and engaging leadership style. My background encompasses a wide range of programs and initiatives for individual development, team building, organization design, culture change, and facilitation.

I help leaders in various points in their career - new hires, individuals taking on challenging new assignments, leaders with management issues, and other kinds of high-potential managers who can benefit from clear and constructive feedback. I adapt my coaching process to the culture of each organization and the unique expectations and requirements for success. I help each client to more accurately assess his or her strengths and development needs and create a specific but realistic action plan to build on identified strengths and areas to improve.

My eventual goal is to empower YOU to become an EXCELLENT and AUTHENTIC leader in order to achieve extraordinary results in your professional life!

The Meaning Behind Leadership Excellence

I like to describe it in a picture of a tree. People, Passion and Personality are the roots, the trunk and the branches. Leadership Excellence is what grows out of them - the leaves. They wouldn't exist without the roots, the trunk and the branches just the same way leadership excellence is impossible without the foundation of People, Passion and Personality.

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