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Services Built for You

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I don't believe in ONE SIZE FITS ALL!

That's why I take a very personalized, custom approach with my clients and don't offer any pre-fix or off-the-shelf programs. My coaching centers only around your individual needs, challenges and desired outcomes.

Together we'll look at your strengths and improvement areas, your big vision and unexamined barriers, and develop a customized plan to get you where you want to be.

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1:1 Leadership Excellence Coaching

My goal for the 1-on-1 Leadership Excellence Coaching is to meet you where you currently are as a leader and build on that. I coach executives and leaders from around the world to develop skills, improve performance, and achieve a greater sense of work-life balance.  I bring a deep commitment to your success, and you becoming an EXCELLENT and AUTHENTIC leader.


Working with me is a bit like having an honest and powerful advocate for your greatness and passion. I'll tell you the straight truth about what I see, and partner with you to breakthrough to new levels of success and satisfaction. As a consequence, your relationships will improve, and you'll develop and experience a greater sense of presence and balance professionally and personally. 

1:1 coaching


3-Month Program


  • Bi-weekly 1 hour sessions (7 in total) over the course of 3 months

  • Via Zoom or in-person

  • Assessments can also be added to this package


6-Month Program


  • Bi-weekly 1 hour sessions (14 in total) over the course of 6 months

  • Via Zoom or in-person 

  • Assessments can also be added to this package 

Customized Program


Clients can build their own program:

  • Number, frequency & length of sessions can be customized to client’s needs

  • Via Zoom or in-person

  • Assessments can also be added to this package


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Team Excellence Coaching & Workshops

My Team Excellence Coaching will meet you and your team where you are - whether you are just forming a new group, are already up and running but maybe you're not successful and efficient enough or are currently facing a crisis. If that sounds like you, let's work together to find success and exponential growth.


My goal is to help you unlock your full team potential and eventually develop into A HIGH PERFORMING TEAM. Imagine the most collaborative, productive and efficient team that's not only successful and gets the results but also laughs, listens, connects, shares mistakes and learns. THAT is a high performing team!

Let's get started and work on your team vision, a shared sense of purpose and prioritized objectives to move forward, your team guidelines, clear roles and responsibilities, etc. 

How We Do It



In team settings, we start with an assessment of your status quo. Diving into team effectiveness, communication, stakeholder management, etc. Next, we look at the issues you are currently facing - internally and/or externally.



We conduct 1-on-1 coaching sessions with each team member to make sure that everyone feels safe & empowered to address their individual challenges, perspectives & needs. And our workshops help bring everyone to the table, ready to tackle the issues as a true team.



Lastly, we develop a common vision and purpose that will align you as ONE team and set clear directions for all your future actions and interactions. You'll have a game plan & know exactly how to implement it with your team.


I Can Help.
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